Scary, full name Scary Spider (French: Scary l'Araignée), is a recurring character in the Mia Collection series.


Scary has a round brown body and blue eyes. Four of his eight legs function more like arms, and he wears white gloves at the end of each those legs, while he wears purple sneakers at the end of each of his other four legs. He also wears a blue cap with a red rounded crown piece and the word "Boo" written across the front in all capital purple letters.

Personality and Character TraitsEdit

Scary is friends with Mia and Marty. He enjoys playing pranks by trying to surprise people, usually by popping out of someplace suddenly. This seems to rarely work on Mia, who finds Scary too cute to be frightening, although there have been times where Scary successfully startled her. He has something of a stage person, and in addition to his pranks, he also likes to sing and dance. He is the nephew of Professor Simon, and has expressed a desire to impress him on occasion.